6H Agency
Meet The Founders and Directors.
Behind the success of 6H is a team of dedicated professionals, led by our founders Max Gabath and Michael Brenner, and director Corinna Heßler.

With their combined experience and expertise in the industry they have played a pivotal role in shaping our company. 

Putting their leadership skills and entrepreneurial spirit to use, they have built a team of like-minded individuals who share the same values and are committed to delivering exceptional products and services.
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Philosophy and Core Values.
Our team is made up of individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures, coming together from all over the world. We work across different time zones and cultural norms but we are united by our core values.
Our core values allow us to collaborate effectively and leverage each other’s strengths to achieve the goals we set for ourselves.

We commit to sharing information and providing needed context in order to make informed decisions.
Our proprietary creative asset production & media buying strategies enable our B2B clients to achieve the highest return on their campaign investment.
We hold each other accountable on the quality, accuracy and integrity of our contributions.
We embrace change and ideas that enable us to achieve optimal productivity.
We set goals and overcome obstacles together. We continuously self-reflect to maintain a positive outlook on every challenge we face.
Charity and Initiatives.
At 6H, we not only generate millions of euros in sales for our customers, but we also use our skills and expertise for charitable causes. In 2022 our professionals ran campaigns for the German network of aid organizations “Aktion Deutschland Hilft"  free of charge. Over the span of the project we were able to generate 18.430 EUR in donations. These donations were used for:
Charity and Initiatives
Our goal is to give back in the best way we know how, and to be an example in the industry.
In addition to charitable campaigns 6H aims to make an impact on a local level. Although our employees are based around the world, our headquarters reside in the city of Cologne, in the North Rhine-Westphalia area. Acknowledging that women's soccer often is neglected in today's world, we decided to empower female players by sponsoring the local women's football team TuS 1889 Köln-Stammheim. Since the start of the season in February 2023 we are proud to say the team has been wearing the 6H logo on their backs.

We are always open to further sponsorships or charitable support and look forward to new collaborations!

Join our team.
Unsure if you fit the job description? No worries! To us, an ‘ideal candidate’ is more than just a shiny CV. At 6H personality and passion come first.
  • Our approach to marketing is non-traditional and so is our working culture:  You know best when you're most productive, so you get to decide when you start your day. Core working hours are from 9am - 6pm CET.
  • Forget the hierarchy:  We encourage all of our employees to communicate freely and openly across teams and supervisors.

  • Learn-by-doing in a cross-cultural environment:  At 6H you are surrounded by creative minds from all over the world who can inspire your career and personal development. We believe in the vision of “learning-by-doing” and offer you the chance to explore your interests within various roles in the company. Our corporate languages are German and English.
  • We put a lot of thought into employee satisfaction:  Expect thoughtful gifts for special occasions in your mailbox, be part of a friendly and welcoming team, and most importantly - be appreciated and valued for who you are and what you can do.