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Native Advertising ?
Native Advertising is a special niche of online marketing. Ads are statistically viewed as disruptive by users, and therefore received negatively or ignored. Native ads on the other hand are specifically designed to blend into the platform on which they appear, so users are less likely to identify them as ads and more likely to interact with the content.
By designing your ads to appear non-disruptive, and providing users with relatable and useful content, engagement rates can be improved significantly.
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Leading Global Agency .
6H is the leading global agency for native advertising. In the year 2022 alone we tested over 2.000 landing pages in Europe and the U.S. and generated more than 2.5 million conversions for our clients.
Our clients record an average channel-specific growth of +300% in the first 3 months of cooperation.
What We Do .
We work closely with all of our clients, supporting their in-house marketing teams and managing their accounts. Each project poses unique challenges so, with client strategy in mind, our Media Buyers stay agile in the ever changing and fast paced environment of native advertising.
We are proud to say 6H has driven millions of sales for our clients around the globe.
How The 6H Team Works .
You get all of our services without having to communicate your ideas to numerous people. The Performance Marketing Manager who supervises your campaign is your dedicated point of contact and handles communication with each of our teams.
How The 6H Team Works
Case Study: Free
Browser Shopping .
Case Study: Free Browser Shopping 1Case Study: Free Browser Shopping 2
The 6H method combined with our powerhouse team created a record breaking outcome for this client, but we didn’t stop there. We’re always striving to top ourselves and achieve better and better results for each of our clients.
6H has been able to show the effectiveness of our Native strategies time after time, but this was exceptionally proven when in 2022 6H successfully managed the largest spending account on the entire Taboola platform.

We achieved this result while operating an install campaign for a popular desktop browser plug-in. The add-on helps users ensure they always pay the lowest price online by automatically finding discount codes at checkout or suggesting another retailer with a lower sticker price.

In less than six months, 6H was able to spend over 2.8 Million profitably - on the Taboola platform alone. What started as a cost-per-install goal during the first month, quickly dropped to a goal. As we saw greater and greater scale, we continued to see lower costs per installation. 6H generated over 69k installs for the said plug-in, with a high spend of 0,278.57 in a single month - on less than 10 placements.

This feat was accomplished by aggressively creating publisher-specific funnels to maximize the results of each publisher's audience, paired with ads so “clicky” no one could compete for the top placements. Once 6H had dominance over top placements on the largest publishers in the U.S. - the content went to work. Our landing pages crafted compelling arguments for how everyone can benefit from this free plug-in. We made the product indispensable by convincing the audience that if you don’t have it you’re actually losing money.
Want to be the next 6H success story? Let’s talk and see how 6H can grow your brand.