6H Agency
Search engines like Google are a crucial part of our daily lives, with billions of people using them every day to find information, buy products, or book services. Search ads are the answers to the users´ problems, this is why they are effective in reaching their target audience. Google, Bing, and Apple search ads are presently the only format where the user is actively searching for his/her needs.

However, to make your ads successful there are a lot of factors to consider. Why? Google uses a highly sophisticated algorithm which is based on machine learning. This algorithm is able to understand the user's intention and serve the optimum ad - in order to lead them to convert. 

In order to understand and follow this technology, a specialist must be trained and experienced in Google technology and best practices.

Our team of experts, certified by Google, will work closely with you to understand your business and audience, ensuring that your account is fully optimized and the advertising efforts are working towards your goals. We can help you identify the right keywords, create compelling ad content, and continuously optimize your campaign to ensure maximum ROI.
What We Do.
We work closely with all of our clients, supporting their in-house marketing teams and managing their ad accounts. Through our meticulous and skillful processes we have driven millions of sales for clients around the world.
How The 6H Team Works.
You get all of our manpower without having to communicate your ideas to numerous people. The Performance Marketing Manager who supervises your campaign is your dedicated point of contact and handles communication with each of our teams. This simplifies the work flow for everyone involved.

How The 6H Team Works